Texas Tech Football Notebook: Demetrius Alston’s Comeback; Derek Edwards Returns


Return of Alston. LAJ’s Don Williams writes about how DT Demetrious Alston has overcome a broken leg last year in order to get back into that starting role. Alston worked on getting better every day:

Alston said it started not long after he got hurt last October. He came up with a mantra: Do something to get better each day. That might mean running farther, jumping higher or doing more lifts in the weight room.

“And then at the end, I’m here now, 15 pounds heavier,” he said. “That probably played a big role in me having a better camp — being in better shape, being stronger, so I could play those different positions.”

Edwards’ Return. LAJ’s Don Williams writes about how former Texas Tech footballer Derek Edwards returns for Sam Houston State and he’s looking forward to his return:

“It’s not revenge or a get-back thing,” Edwards, now playing for Sam Houston State, said Wednesday. “But I never really got my chance to shine in Jones AT&T Stadium. … I’m looking forward to this game, and it should be really fun to ball out in the Jones like I should have been doing for the past three years.”

Walk-On’s Earning Scholarships. DT’s Brandon Soliz has a bit on the walk-on’s who have earned scholarships this year. I know that this has been released in bits and pieces, but here’s the list from this year:

The players receiving scholarships are transfer redshirt sophomore quarterback Nic Shimonek, sophomore defensive end Talor Nunez, sophomore wide receiver Zach Austin and junior fullback Tyler Scalzi.

Grant Has a Chip on His Shoulder. ESPN’s Brandon Chatmon interviewed IR Jakeem Grant, who is the Big 12 leading returning receiver and is playing with a chip on his shoulder this year:

You’re one of the top returning receivers, but people aren’t talking about you. Is that a chip on your shoulder as well?

Grant: Defintely. I have better stats than most of the guys, but I’m looked right over because of my size. If I was 6-foot, they’d look at me as one of the top receivers in the nation. But I’m going to prove them wrong and show them it doesn’t matter about size. It matters how big your heart is.

More Depth. Via KLBK’s Andrew Doak, Sam Houston State head coach K.C. Keeler said that they have more depth than Texas Tech. The official Twitter account for SHSU deleted that quote, but Doak has the quote and the video:

“Our plan is to play fast, their plan is to play fast. I think it helps us because we think that our two’s are closer to our one’s, than their two’s are to their one’s,” Sam Houston State head coach K.C. Keeler said. “So, if we have to go into a situation where we’re playing extra linemen, extra running backs, extra wide-receivers, extra d-tackles, I think we have more than they do, just in terms of total depth. I think that’s an advantage for us.”

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