Five Post Game Thoughts: Texas Tech 59, Sam Houston State 45

I really want to hear what you all think about the game. Let’s get to it.

Stats: FOX Sports

1. Mahomes Might be Pretty Good. So if there was ever any doubt, Patrick Mahomes is pretty good at football. Passing for over 400 yards and a handful of touchdowns and you’ve got an electric player that is going to cause problems for the entire Big 12.

2. Defense Did Exactly What Gibbs Said. Defensive coordinator David Gibbs delivered. He gave us, the fans, exactly what he promised, which was an offense that might give up yards, but turned Sam Houston State over three times. Not only that, but Texas Tech didn’t let SHSU score in the third quarter and allowed 2 fourth quarter touchdowns that felt relatively meaningless.

3. Huge Days From Sadler and Lauderdale. Devin Lauderdale was a huge part of the offense, yes, he missed a few passes in the second half, but he caught over 150 yards and had 2 touchdowns and started the offense off with a huge bang. He is good. Ian Sadler was crafty, breaking open with a touchdown on two broken plays.

4. Defense Was Gassed. By the end of the game, the defense looked gassed and were, at times, even able to lineup properly at times. Sam Houston State moved real fast and almost never substituted players. That was the problem and maybe that’s what SHSU’s head coach was talking about, which is that they had the advantage in that case and they did. Texas Tech’s defense could not keep pace and if they can’t substitute, then it’s going to be a problem. I’m sure the 95 degree heat doesn’t help and the offense always has an advantage in that case, but they were tired.

5. Grant Breaks Open Game. It seems like it’s been a long time since the special teams turned a team on it’s ear, but a sweep to score the first touchdown and an electrifying kickoff return for a touchdown.

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