Texas Tech Football Notebook: Pete Robertson Was Actually Suspended

So, Pete Robertson was actually suspended for the SHSU game, plus rounding up other notes from Saturday’s win.

Talbot on Kingsbury. LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot opines on Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury, who writes that Kingsbury has gone full Bill Belichick:

So, there has been no dancing — at least that the general public or media has been able to see.

There haven’t been any music videos posted to YouTube.

Just nuts, bolts and football.

That is the new way for the Red Raiders — at least until they get a few big wins.

Mahomes is the Guy. LAJ’s Talbot also opined on QB Patrick Mahomes:

Mahomes is what Texas Tech needs.

Davis Webb brings a lot to the table.

And honestly, I hope he transfers. He deserves to start somewhere.

He just isn’t the right quarterback at the moment for the Red Raiders.

They need Mahomes.

Yes, it’s glorious. Just glorious.

Turnovers and Not Much Else. LAJ’s Don Williams writes about the defense and writes that the defense did deliver on turnovers, but not much else:

Don’t overlook a couple of things here. One, Gibbs says he’ll call games to take pressure off his defensive backs, and notice which guys made all the tide-turning plays. Two, Madison’s punch-out was the first real display of Gibbs’ ball-strip idea put into action and paying off. It was a classic hold the guy up and go for the football move.

So there’s some day-one proof of Gibbs practicing what he preaches. His reputation as guru of getting the ball back for the offense made it through the first day in spotless fashion.

But good golly, those 351 rushing yards and 320 passing yards.

Notebook: Robertson Suspended. I think this is one of those things where not being in the press room, I missed the nuance yesterday about whether or not Pete Robertson was suspended or out with an injury. I presumed it was an injury because of the transcript, but I was wrong. I could have sworn somebody asked about whether or not outside rusher Pete Robertson was an injury or suspension issue and Kingsbury said injury, but LAJ’s Don Williams said that it was a game-by-game suspension and head coach Kliff Kingsbury doesn’t know when Robertson will be back. Robertson was caught on video a handful of times in the huddle, next to Kingsbury talking up players, so during the game, I somewhat just assumed it was an injury.

Other notes:

  • Tony Brown, Keke Coutee and Jonathan Giles all played yesterday, as did D’Vonta Hinton.
  • Ja’Deion High made a start and played really well, catching 3 passes for 54 yards.
  • Nigel Bethel was out with an injury.
  • Justis Nelson and Tevin Madison started at corner and J.J. Gaines, Thierry Nguema and Paul Banks III all had playing time.

Miscellaneous. The DMN named Mahomes the Big 12 player of the week for his game against Sam Houston State . . . the DMN also has Texas Tech moving up a spot on their best of Texas poll (there’s also a great picture there if you go down to UTEP where a defensive back is tackling an Arkansas receiver by his hair — ouch!) . . . ESPN’s Max Olson recapped Texas Tech’s win . . .


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