Five Post Game Thoughts: Texas Tech 69, UTEP 20

Stats: FOX Sports

1. Mahomes continues to impress. Mahomes threw for 4 touchdowns and rushed for 2 more with no interceptions in three quarters. Webb came in during the fourth to finish out the game.

2. Offense, offense, offense. Grant, Stockton, Lauderdale, and Davis all hauled in touchdowns and a combined 300+ yards. Washington also rushed for 138 yards on 12 carries with one touchdown.

3. Grant stands out. Grant had 141 yards on 7 catches in the first half. He may be the only player in college football with a rushing, receiving, and kickoff return touchdown.

4. Defense has a better outing. Having Pete Robertson back had a huge impact on the front line. I counted six tackles for a loss, with Robertson accounting for two of them. Awe had a stripped fumble which should have resulted in a touchdown. The defense held the Miners scoreless in the third quarter allowing only one field goal in the fourth.

5. Penalties. After racking up 4 penalties in the first quarter, including two false starts and a chop block to offset a touchdown, I thought we would be in for a long day. However, the team committed only one more penalty.

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