Five Post Game Thoughts: Baylor 63, Texas Tech 35

Texas Tech hung close early, but was out-run by Baylor, losing 63-35. The offense couldn’t keep pace with the Baylor offense and the defense struggled as well. Let’s get to five quick thoughts on the game.

  1. This was just one of those days. Texas Tech probably isn’t as good they were last week taking TCU to the wire and not as bad as they showed today. They’re probably somewhere in the middle. Texas Tech was probably due for a poor game after the game last week. It’s hard to compartmentalize that sort of thing. At least it was for me to compartmentalize.
  2. It stinks to see those penalties return and they were terrible and in terrible spots. Those mistakes really hurt teams that don’t have the talent to overcome them and that’s where Texas Tech is right now.
  3. There were a ton of drops this game and it seemed like those missed opportunities cost Texas Tech, especially in the first half where Texas Tech could have kept things close.
  4. The other big difference in the game was that Texas Tech simply couldn’t get the running game going. DeAndre Washington was largely ineffective through most of the game.
  5. So yes, the defense was terrible and we sort of knew that Texas Tech was going to have a heck of a time stopping Baylor’s pass offense and combined with the running game, it was just going to be a tough match-up. The cornerbacks are young and inexperienced and theyre’ just not there quite yet. Maybe they won’t get there, I’m not sure, but Texas Tech has played the teams with the two best receivers in the conference. It’s obviously not pretty. And the run defense was also pretty terrible, but we’ll save that for tomorrow morning.
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