Texas Tech Hoops: Texas Tech Picked to Finish Last in Big 12

The Big 12 released their preseason poll and predicted Kansas to win their 12th straight title and they picked Texas Tech last. Of course, there’s not much there separating teams 8 through 10, a mere 3 points and the two teams picked immediately in front of Texas Tech are TCU and Kansas State.

I haven’t had much time to put my thinking cap on in regards to basketball just yet so it’s tough to claim that I know that Texas Tech is a better team than either TCU or Kansas State. I would guess that Texas Tech is returning more minutes than most teams in the Big 12 and Tubby Smith has had to build a foundation from the bottom up.

Last week, Texas Tech held their Hoops and Homecoming event and Justin Gray said that things are going to change (via LAJ’s Krista Pirtle):

“Get ready for the new era of Texas Tech basketball.”

Tubby Smith said that this team will no longer be the doormat of the Big 12 and I believe him. This is a bit depressing to consider, but it is the truth. Texas TEch has been at the bottom far too long. The two years covering Smith, he’s never been prone to hyperbole. Besides, the recipient of the 2016 John R. Wooden “Legends of Coaching” is telling you to believe so you probably should.

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