Five Thoughts: Oklahoma 63, Texas Tech 27

Texas Tech falls to Oklahoma 63-27 and it was a relatively close game at the half, but with Oklahoma getting the ball first in the second half and Texas Tech unable to get a stop, the route was on.

1. Texas Tech’s rush defense was pretty terrible, allowing Oklahoma to make Texas Tech defenders look incredibly silly. Until such time that Texas Tech can somewhat solve this issue, you’ll see the rest of the schedule do this against Texas Tech.

2. Patrick Mahomes’ interceptions were both his fault and not really his fault. It’s part awareness and this was a learning curve game for Mahomes. He hasn’t faced ends like Striker before, that sort of athleticism, and he’s got to be more aware of that. Mahomes will face a similar dominating defensive end next week againt Oklahoma State and if the Cowboys are smart, then’ll line him up against whoever is playing right tackle.

3. The offense had an early opportunity to jump on top of the Sooners, but there were three penalties in a row, a falsse start, a grounding, a facemask on Tony Morales and punt, not to mention the first drive being a three and out, while Oklahoma sputtered on the first drive as well. That was your opportunity to jump ahead and the Texas Tech offense couldn’t do it.

4. It’s difficult to assess an offense that is having such a difficult time to pass block. When Baylen Brown went down, the offense all sorta went down with him. The entire right side of the line is problematic and I’m not sure how it gets solved.

5. Don’t get too down, I don’t think that this is it for the team and I don’t think that this is it for this team. Don’t dispair. I think that this team still has a few more wins in them, but I never thought that Texas Tech would be able to win this game.

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