Texas Tech Football Notebook: Ian Sadler Want to Improve; Micah Awe Takes Blame

Inside receiver Ian Sadler looks to improve after coming back from his injury and Micah Awe takes the blame for the poor defense.

Outside the Huddle. First question is the overall winning record of the teams that Texas Tech has lost too, which is 20-1 overall. Also is asked about turnovers, needing to correct them. Said that the defense kept playing hard and fighting to the end. And if you are a student, there are some scholarships being given away. Thinks will the team be prepared for every team moving forward.

Sadler Wants to Improve. LAJ’s Don Williams writes that IR Ian Sadler is looking to improve after being injured for a month:

“It felt great to be back out there with the guys,” Sadler said. “I couldn’t ask for anything more than that. As this week’s gone on, the last two days (Monday and Tuesday) I’ve felt a lot better than I did last week, so hopefully the rest of the week I’ll feel better and by Saturday I’ll feel great.”

Awe Blames Awe. FWST’s Jimmy Burch on LB Micah Awe, who blames himself for the poor defense:

“I feel like that’s just on me, honestly,” Awe said during this week’s news conference in Lubbock. “I put a lot of pressure on myself, and I feel like if we can’t stop the run, it’s probably my fault and I take all the blame.”

Although he acknowledged he’s only one player on the field, Awe holds himself to a higher standard as a team leader and the player with the most solo tackles (42) on the Tech roster.

“You always hear the greatest players make other players better around them, and I have super high expectations for myself,” Awe said. “We’ve just got to continue to work that way, and I’ve got to continue to get even that much better.”

Need to be Inspired? CampusRush’s Zach Ellis has a terrific story on survival and perseverence from Idaho Vandal, Jace Malek.

Miscellaneous. BleacherRport’s College Football Staff picked some games this week and two picked for Texas Tech to win . . . ESPN’s Chris Fallica (don’t ask me who he is, because I don’t know) is picking games and picks Texas Tech . . . Land Grant Gauntlet’s Grant Thome has The Grant Application weekly podcast to get you caught up on the Big 12 . . .


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