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Eats & Bounds: Kansas State v. Texas Tech

Get your bowl of coffee so that we can talk about mug games. And coffee.

This century, Texas Tech fans became bowl entitled. It was almost a given certainty that no matter who the Red Raiders faced during the season, they would be greeted with a warm embrace of gift baskets and bowl games. I was as guilty as anyone else and would even make light of the “Fan Duel-Draft Kings-Advotrivago” bowl that would show up in December.

I remember how crushing it was in 2011 when the streak came to an end, but then 2014 happened. I am typing this second sentence so that this is not a one sentence paragraph.

I will be at the game on Saturday, and I look forward to it. It should be a nice, crisp fall day with one heck of a worthy opponent. The seniors will be honored and, hopefully, determined. These guys have been through quite a bit during their time on the team including two head coaches and I think about 13 defensive coordinators.

A trip to the postseason is no longer a guarantee at Texas Tech, but it should be. I’ll really be pulling for our guys to get that sixth win. You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s no longer bowl eligible.

Lubbock Events

Thursday, November 12th

The Blue Light
The Nightowls

Friday, November 13th

TTU Allen Theater
Manhattan Transfer – 7pm

The Blue Light
Red Shahan w/ Blue Water Highway Band

The Office
Bart Crow w/ Midnight River Choir

Corey Killough Band

Wild West
Stoney Larue

Saturday, November 14th

Jones AT&T Stadium – 2:30pm

The Blue Light
John Baumann w/ Alex Culbreth

The Office

Wild West
Zane Williams

Ongoing Events

Until November 14th (Saturday)
The Maize

Moonlight Broadway
Beauty and the Beast
Nightly on 11/19-11/22, 11/28-11/29

Recommendation of the Week

Yellow House Coffee
(3017 34th St)

Coffee is taken pretty seriously at our house. My uncle gave us a French press as a wedding present, and we’ve never looked back. Of course, Yellow House turns that up to 11. The trusty French press is available, but so is a Chemex pour. It takes a little extra time to do it correctly, but a Chemex pour produces an almost buttery cup of coffee. To date, it’s the smoothest cup I’ve had. Saturday morning should be pretty chilly, so stop by Yellow House before heading to the game for one of the best cups of coffee in West Texas.


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