Five Post Game Thoughts: Texas Tech 59, Kansas State 44

1. DeAndre Washington is unbelievable. Thank you for everything you’ve done for Texas Tech. Simply an unblievable performance on his senior day. He capped it off with a toudchdown as the clock winded down. Salute.

2. The defense wasn’t perfect, but it was pretty good, especially until late when Kansas State was throwing the ball. Overall, I thought that was a terrific effort from the defense and yes, K-State scored 44, but I thought that the defense played well.

3. D’Vonta Hinton played a beast of a game. When I try to predict the most important player on the Seven Points, it is usually a shot in the dark. Hinton was huge all day and made a ton of big plays throughout the game.

4. The offense was big early and then had trouble figuring out Kansas State’s blitz. They eventually figured it out in the second half, but it was much tougher.

5. Huge shout-out to all of the seniors. I won’t remember all of them, but Jared Kaster, Le’Raven Clark, who was huge all game. Micah Awe who had a good game. Jakeem Grant was big again and that’s just what he does. Branden Jackson works each and every play and never comes off the field, much like Breiden Fehoko. There are others and a huge thank you to each of them.

Oh yea, and Texas Tech is bowl eligible! Ring that bell Big Phil!


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