Eats & Bounds: Texas Tech v. BYE

It’s the bye week, so I’ve prepared your to-do list to catch up on everything you’ve missed since the season started.

1. Hug your family. They have missed you.
2. Feed your pets. Those missing socks weren’t lost to the dryer, Your Forgetfulness.
3. Prepare your yard for the winter by pouring Round-Up all over it.
4. Change the oil in your turkey fryer.
5. Open all of your outdoor faucets to prevent them from freezing (pro tip: lefty loosey).
6. Put the rest of that venison you’ve had in the freezer since your buddy dropped it of in ’09 on the smoker and make a casserole.
7. Gather all of the acorns in your yard and burn them in your fireplace for warmth.
8. Use the leftover helium from your kid’s birthday party to properly inflate your tires.
9. Clean out the gutters with that Super Soaker you’ve kept in the back of your closet since 1993.
10. Dust.

Lubbock Events

Thursday, November 19th

The Blue Light
Troy Cartwright

The Office
Kyle Park w/
Flatland Calvary

Friday, November 20th

The Blue Light
Crooks w/ Elaina Kay

The Office
Hip Hop Hooray

Saturday, November 21st

Turkey Trot
LCU Campus – Starts at 8:30am
There are three options on the menu, depending on how much you plan on eating Thanksgiving Day: 1 mile, 5k, and 10k. 

West End Shopping Center
Grand Opening: 10am-4pm

Nike Factory, Banana Republic Factory, Gap Factory, Charming Charlie, Torrid, Dressbarn, Skechers, and Chipotle will all be open! We have a full day of exciting events including a visit from the Texas Tech Goin’ Band, Spirit Squads, and the Masked Rider!

The Blue Light
David Ramirez w/
Dave Martinez & Liza Anne

The Office
Micky & the Motorcars w/
Aaron Einhouse

Ongoing Events

November 18th-22nd
Holiday Happening
Lubbock Memorial Civic Center
10am-8pm Thur-Sat & 12-5pm on Sun

Moonlight Broadway
Beauty and the Beast
Nightly on 11/19-11/22, 11/28-11/29

November 21st – December 26th
Polar Express Train Rides
Train departs at 4:30, 6:30 & 8:30pm
11/21-11/22, 11/27-11/29, 12/3-12/6,
12/9-12/13, 12/15-12/23, & 12/26

November 24th – January 14th
International Cultural Center
“High and Dry XV: A photographic exhibition of peoples & places of the world’s dry lands”


Bond films are some of my personal favorites: they take you to an exotic locale, throw in a full dose of action, then top it off with an iconic soundtrack. Spectre provides all that and more. Daniel Craig has just about usurped Sir Sean for me, which I never thought I would say. In my mind, Goldfinger and Casino Royale are the two best movies in the franchise. Anyway, this might be a good time to go see Spectre. You can sneak past the Hunger Games crowd and right into the seat of your choice.

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