The Morning Stake: Webb is Sticking Around; Lady Raiders Fall to Santa Clara

Lady Raiders Fall to Santa Clara. The Lady Raiders were in California yesterday afternoon and fell to Santa Clara, 75-70 (recap). The Lady Raiders allowed Santa Clara to shoot 60% from the field, which is crazy. Ivonne CookTaylor finished with 15 points to lead the team and Brielle Blaire, who I think this was her first game of the year, scored 10 points and grabbed 6 rebounds. The lady Raiders were out-rebounded by 15, 45 to 30.

Webb Not Announcing Transfer. As you all know, yesterday, it was reported by the Toledo Blade that QB Davis Webb would be transferring to Bowling Green to join Mike Jinks. Not so fast.

Later, Webb re-tweeted this:

If anyone would know or be able to report on that, it would be Feldman.

Yesterday was weird, but I’ll just say that as far as I’m concerned, Davis Webb is welcome to stay here as long as he wants and if he wants to transfer, then best of luck. I mentioned on Twitter (I was at a birthday party for the kiddo yesterday when the news broke) that he’s only got one more year to play football and you can’t ever get that back. Sure, he could stick around just in case, but it wouldn’t at all hurt my feelings if he did transfer.

McNeill Named Linebackers Coach at Virginia. Congrats to one of my favorite persons.

Catching Up.

  • LAJ’s Don Williams writes about Trace Ellison, who I didn’t know was 17 when he signed his letter of intent, looks like he’ll most likely be a guard per offensive line coach Lee Hays:

    “Trace has come in and been a little bit of a surprise,” offensive line coach Lee Hays said late in the regular season. “He’s done well. He’s a quiet kid. We weren’t sure how aggressive he was going to be, but he’s come out and come off the ball.”

  • RRS’s Aaron Dickens writes about Cody Wheeler, who has the intelligence, but has to work on developing as a player, per Chris Level:

    Wheeler is a really smart player but his development this fall has been average. I think the big knock on Wheeler is that he’s a bit too stiff at times. Likely still a year or so away but the bowl practices should be great for guys like him. What he’s got going for him are those smarts I mentioned earlier and he’s used to winning.

Yo. Don’t Judge. RRS’s Michael DuPont writes about IR Jakeem Grant and how he felt like he was snubbed from the All-Big 12 team:

“They don’t respect me just because of my size,” Grant said. “But like I continue to show everybody every Saturday: It’s not the size, it’s just how good the player is.

“Don’t judge nobody just because they’re small. When you put the ball in my hands, what do I do? When you turn on my film, my game film, what do you see? That’s all I want them to recognize me on.”

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