Hivemind: Linebacker Results; Predict the Secondary

Linebacker Results

Here are your results for the middle linebacker spot. Hinton at middle (for the most part) and Woods backing him up.

Allen at strongside linebacker (and it looks like if you voted for Hinton at MLB, you voted for him here at the SLB, so you all pretty much have both of them starting).

And then we get to the weakside linebacker spot, where we really have no idea what we want to do.

Predict the Secondary

It’s time for you to predict the secondary and much like the linebacker spot, which is to make sure and pick different folks for each cornerback and safety spot. I didn’t want to go into who plays strong or free safety or right cornerback or left cornerback, just who do you think is cornerback 1, i.e. the best cornerback, and then that cornerback’s back-up. And so on.

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