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The Morning Stake: April 15th

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It Is All Happening So Fast. The last thing that I did last night was UNLV coach Chris Beard was expected to talk to Texas Tech and there was a report that Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt was in Las Vegas last night. In fact, ESPN’s Jeff Borzello picked up on a statement that was released by UNLV that confirmed that Texas Tech contacted UNLV, that Hocutt met with Beard last night and that Beard would meet with the UNLV athletic director today and make a decision. San Angelo’s KIDY News is reporting that Beard has officially accepted the job at Texas Tech. They are the only ones who are reporting this and isn’t being reported anywhere else.

Hocutt Gave It His Best. Make sure and watch the video where Kirby Hocutt talks about the timeline of events in attempting to keep Tubby Smith in Lubbock.

RaiderPower’s Jarrett Johnson did an excellent job of breaking down those events. This is unacceptable:

-Apr. 12 (5:30 p.m.): Hocutt calls Tubby to try and meet with him at the USA. Tubby informs Hocutt that the coach and his wife are in the car en route to Amarillo to meet with Memphis about the job. Hocutt tries to convince Tubby to turn around “Tubby, what’s it going to take?” Tubby replies Memphis is very convincing and he needs to go check it out.

My thoughts: My first thought was Amarillo, really? I guess Memphis and Tubby was trying to keep it quiet. I don’t know that just struck me as odd. I don’t fault Tubby for going to the meeting and I don’t fault him for not telling Hocutt about it. Hell, he took Hocutt’s call and told him what was going on. I’m a little surprised it took Hocutt two hours to contact Tubby, but I have no idea what he had going on that afternoon, either.

-Apr. 13 (8:30 a.m.): Tubby is a no-show for a meeting on campus with Hocutt and donors about a new basketball practice facility. Hocutt said he tried calling Tubby, but said the coach “had gone silent on me”.

My thoughts: The truth is Tubby likely forgot about the meeting. He probably had an assistant or likely the dude in the athletics communication department remind him of events such as this. That being said there is no excuse. It doesn’t matter why he didn’t show. He didn’t and gave no warning to Hocutt. So now Hocutt is there with his pants down IN FRONT OF DONORS, people who want to donate money for basketball facilities, and his head coach is a no-show. It’s at the very least bad business, in my opinion.



Spring Game Moved to Today. I’ll have a full post on this shortly, but it’s been a busy day (as it were).

There Might Be a Culture Problem at Baylor. Oh, my. And this isn’t the former player, this is a current player.

Miscellaneous. Land Grant Gauntlet’s Chris Ross has quotes from coaches around the Big 12 on the ban on satellite camps . . . Orlando Sentinal’s Mike Bianchi is openly campaigning for UCF to be part of the Big 12 . . .


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