The Morning Stake: April 17th




Track & Field


Texas Tech Wins Series. Texas Tech won the first two games of this series, winning 3-1 on Friday and 10-0 yesterday. That post is fully updated and has video highlights.

Men’s Basketball

Dream Job. LAJ’s Krista Pirtle writes that Chris Beard said yesterday that Texas Tech is his dream job:

When Beard officially became the 17th head coach for Texas Tech men’s basketball, he wanted to call each player personally, but he didn’t enough time for that as he was about to board a plane.

Instead, he sent every player a text message.

And the result Beard got gave him goosebumps.

“In all my years I’ve never seen anything like it,” Beard said. “Every player within a few minutes texted back, and almost every player on the roster in their text talked about the team, their teammates and Texas Tech. To me, that’s a great example of what kind of team we have here and another reason why I can’t wait to get started here.”

Pirtle also opines that Beard got what he wanted in terms of a team and the players seem happy to have Beard as well:

“I mean, there was obviously some speculation,” sophomore forward Justin Gray said. “And everybody’s minds were out of place. You know, waking up and learning that your head coach is leaving. It was definitely a difficult time for us. And, obviously, everybody’s heads are everywhere.

“But we had a team meeting, calmed everybody down and just said, ‘We have to stick together, no matter what.’ Let’s see who we get. Obviously, we got the right person for the right job.”

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