The Morning Stake: April 20th

Track & Field

Jeraldyne Kittley Passes Away. Via the Abilene Reporter-News, the mother of Texas Tech track & field coach Wes Kittley passed away at the age of 79. Rest in peace.



Texas Tech to Host Abilene Christian. The softball team will host Abilene Christian tonight at 6:00 pm at Rocky Johnson Field.


Ten in a Row. Texas Tech took down New Mexico last night, 7-4 and have now won 10 in a row and have won 30 games for the year.



Texas Tech Schedules Non-Conference with N.C. State. Via the official site, Texas Tech will play in Raleigh, North Carolina in 2022, and the return game will be in 2027 in Lubbock. Texas Tech still needs to fill it’s 2018 spot.

New NCAA Rule: Schools Can Pay for Students and Parents. Via Land Grant Gauntlet’s Chris Ross, FBS programs will now be able to pay for parents or guardians to attend official visits, which means that schools can pay for airline travel, accommodations and food. This is great news for Texas Tech, where the drive is a bit longer and if Texas Tech can actually pay for those visits, that makes recruiting all that much easier. LGG is also starting back up their morning headlines, so go check it out!

Webb Exploring All Options. Via 24/7 Sports’ Chris Hummer Texas Tech quarterback Davis Webb (at least for a bit longer) is committed to Colorado, but is still exploring his options:

“I’m trying to make sure it’s the perfect fit,” Webb said. “In the situation I’m in, I had the displeasure of not being able to play much last year after playing a pretty good amount the first two years, so you could basically say last year was a waste of my eligibility because I didn’t get to redshirt. So I have six months to play the best game in the world. I want to make sure it’s where I’m supposed to be.”

Miscellaneous. Via Sports Business Daily FOX is close to signing a deal for half of the Big Ten’s available media rights for $250 million per YEAR . . . the title of this sounds much worse than the article itself Baylor players receiving training to guard against sexual assault via the Star-Telegram, but the way I read it, it sounds like Baylor football is actually (finally) doing something and teaching players how to act in various situations. Gotta start somewhere . . . perhaps the word is “testy” in regards to the relationship that Texas high school football coaches have with IMG and via SAEN’s Ben Baby the coaches wanted to be 100% sure that the info they were giving to Dave Campbell’s was not being provided to IMG. Dave Campbell is owned by Drayton McLane, a Baylor alum, and before that, IMG operated it until McLane took over in 2014. Baylor has two players who are committed to Baylor transfer to IMG, leaving their high school coaches in a bit of a situation . . . via Yahoo! Sports’ Dr. Saturday a second woman has filed a Title IX suit against Kansas for negligence in dealing with a sexual assault . . . ESPN’s Jake Trotter it sounds as if all of the coaches are towing the company line in regards to round-robin schedule with no championship game . . .

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