Patrick Mahomes Might Be a Terrible Quarterback (Not Really. We Love Him.)

With The First Pick’s Jon Dove he took a look at our beloved quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Now, before we get too far, I need to make it clear that it’s not me talking about Mahomes, it’s Dove, so when player on the team sees this, it’s not me. I’m just quoting here because this is fun. Dove does say that Mahomes does have good arm strength and he does keep his eyes down the field.

Issue #1 is his mechanics and mental aspect, which Dove does not get into Mahomes’ mental aspects.

The issues with Mahomes’ game centers around his mechanics and mental aspect of the game. He has a tendency to fall off his throws rather than stepping towards his target. His shoulder often flies open which hurts his accuracy.

Like a lot of strong-armed quarterbacks who have only been playing for four years do tend to throw with his arm to compensate with his arm, so I do think that’s a legitimate concern.

Issue #2 is Mahomes arm angle, which is inconsistent at times, but I’ve never though that as a criticism as oftentimes I think Mahomes is squeezing passes into windows:

He also drops his arm angle to his side from time to time. His lack of footwork consistency makes it difficult for him to repeat his motion and deliver an accurate football.

Now, issue #3 is just flat out ridiculous.

Mahomes also needs to work on his deep ball accuracy and ability to get proper loft on his throws. His inability accurately attack the deep part of the field will be a concern as he goes through the draft process.

That’s a bunch of crap. Crap.

Issue #4 is also crap.

A lot of this is due to the fact he plays in Texas Tech’s spread attack. This system also limits his opportunities to stand in the pocket and go through his progressions. Mahomes is too quick to move off his spot and vacate the pocket.

I mean, he wasn’t running out of the pocket because it’s a spread system, it’s because he was oftentimes running for his life. Spread quarterbacks are technically supposed to stay in the pocket and deliver the ball very quickly, but I think because the line was patch-worked last year at times and Mahomes likes to go deep more so than other spread quarterbacks, he’s going to have to scramble a bit more.

Issue #5.

Mahomes is only asked to take snaps from under center in short-yardage situations. This is usually a bit of an adventure and has resulted in fumbles from time to time. Again, NFL teams will want to see him improve this aspect of his game.

False. Just false. The fumble part. I can’t remember a fumble with Mahomes under center.

Just remember, Pat. We love you. #WreckEm

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