Conference Realignment Notes: Report | Addition of 4 Teams Could Add $1 Billion to Big 12

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CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodds writes that the Big 12 will be presented with information that says taht expansion could earn the conference $1 billion over the length of the remaining television rights:

If the league expands by four teams, provisions in its contracts with ESPN and Fox provide money for that benchmark. If the expansion is by two teams, the increase would be $500 million.

Those rightsholders are contractually bound to provide “pro rata” for any new Big 12 members. That is, any new members would be paid an equal share of the current Big 12 members — approximately $23 million per year.

While on its face that doesn’t necessarily help the 10 current members of the Big 12, opening the existing contract would allow for a negotiation beyond that $1 billion figure.

Most importantly, it would satisfy one of the conference’s key concerns: Falling behind the other Power Five conferences in revenue.

It seems like this is information that we’ve already known, that the current television deals would need to match whoever is added, but that may not be enough to move the needle for expansion. Via College Football Talk, there does not appear to be any progress made towards expansion as of yesterday with Texas athletic director Mike Perrin stating that it would be prudent to stay at ten:

“I think this is a dialogue that could continue several years,” Texas Athletics Director Mike Perrin said. “The prudent thing is to stay where we are.”

However, Perrin also said, via the Dodds article, that if the vote was 9-1 to expand, Texas would not be the lone dissenting vote:

Texas’ agreement to expansion is seen as a key to any move by the Big 12. It will take a super majority of eight schools to approve it. Perrin was later asked by CBS Sports, if the vote was 9-1 for expansion with Texas being the only dissenter, whether the school would agree to expansion.

He said it would.

“I can’t think of any single factor” that would cause Texas to be in favor of expansion, Perrin said.

It’s been stressed over and again that no final decisions are expected to be reached this week. Commissioner Bob Bowlsby has said he would like to see a resolution by the end of summer.

“We haven’t talked about [additional] schools at all,” he said. “It depends on what your priorities are. League stability? Others would say revenue generation. Others would say accessing the College Football Playoff.”

It sounds as if Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby wants a decision to be made at the end of the summer. Yeah, I’m ready for a decision on this as well.  It’s been previously reported that Texas, Texas Tech and TCU have been opposed to expansion and voted against for the time being. Texas Tech is said to be tied to Texas, i.e. where Texas goes, Texas Tech follows.

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