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Hanspard on Hall of Fame Ballot. Congrats!

Kickoff Times Announced for Five Games. Texas Tech announced the game times for five games yesterday:

9/3: vs. Stephen F. Austin @ 7:00 pm on Fox Sports Net
9/10: vs. Arizona State @ 9:00 pm on Fox Sports 1
9/17: vs. Louisiana Tech @ 6:00 pm on Fox Spports Net
9/29: vs. Kansas @ 7:30 pm on Fox Sports 1 (Thursday night)
11/25: vs. Baylor @ 5:00 pm on ESPN (Arlington, Texas)

Mayfield Does Not Receive Year for 2017. Via DMN’s Chuck Carlton, the Big 12 voted down a rule that would have allowed Baker Mayfield eligible for the 2017 season:

Mayfield, who blossomed into the nation’s third-leading passer while leading the Sooners into the Big 12 playoffs, could transfer after this season outside of the Big 12 and regain his year of eligibility.

Commissioner Bob Bowlsly said certain schools had raised concerns about possible transfers within the conference in sports like baseball and softball that offer partial scholarships.

The vote was 5-5 and as you can see, the AD’s thought about not just Baker Mayfield’s situation, but about all situations and that bouncing around can be problematic, which is why the rule is in place. I would probably guess that the vote was divided between the “have’s” and “have not’s”.

Baylor Continues to Shoot Self in Foot. I don’t even know where to start. Yesterday, Ken Starr spoke to Outside the Lines and made some of these comments:

“Coach Briles is a player’s coach, but he was also a very powerful father figure,” Starr said.

“What he is is an iconic father figure who is a genius,” he said.

And also this:

Also from Outside the Lines, someone, who happens to be a Baylor alum, has finally filed a Title IX complaint against Baylor:

Holly Snyder, a 2001 Baylor graduate who lives near Kansas City, Missouri, said she filed such a complaint late Tuesday.

In her complaint, which she shared with Outside the Lines, she wrote that she came forward, “on behalf of all women to make [sure] that Baylor is investigated to the full extent regarding actions it took to create a climate that covered up sexual violence on campus for years.”

She said the Department of Education can provide a truly independent review of Baylor, which as a private university is not subject to most public records and disclosure laws.

The Texas 24/7 site posted this bit about how Baylor isn’t releasing players from the scholarships:

Baylor officials have told recruits that they are unwilling to grant recruits a release. At least one such meeting occurred between a Baylor official and the parent of a recruit yesterday.

Baylor is setting itself up for the worst possible kind of PR move.

Baylor would be better off giving a full release to any and all players — both recruits and current players on their own team — than try to restrict any student-athlete from moving elsewhere. That would help the Bears during the penalty phase of the NCAA because that is coming in a big, big way. To think otherwise is a fools errand.

If Baylor gave full releases, Baylor would likely keep most of its current players, at least the ones that really matter, and keep some of their recruits. By doing so, they would also look like they are being helpful to kids instead of forcing rules on kids that didn’t sign up for this coach or a program and university that is in disarray.

Instead, Baylor is going to try to play hardball with recruits and its student-athletes and they’re likely going to get spanked by the NCAA’s paddle even harder.

And then, JP Urquidez’s father posted this:

There’s more to report, but there’s just to much to cover with all of the crap that Baylor is getting into.

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