Weekend Open Thread | What’s the Best Thing You Cook?

Photo via Kimberly Vardeman @ Flickr

What’s you got cooking?

Photo via Kimberly Vardeman @ Flickr

Good morning everyone. Not going to have time to post The Morning Stake this weekend, trying to get some miscellaneous things done on my end, like completely update the recruiting tables and knock out a few of the preseason previews as well as maybe write a bit on the basketball team. It’s changed quite a bit since Chris Beard was hired

With this being an open thread, I thought I’d start things off by asking what’s the best thing that you cook?  I’m lucky in that my wife does a ton of the cooking, simply because she gets home before I do during the school year. When I do cook, it’s usually in big batches on the weekend and I’ll cook multiple meals in a day, sticking one in the refrigerator and any thing else in the freezer to make life easier during that school year. As an aside, my wife has all of the Pioneer Woman recipe books, so those are usually excellent meals and makes enough to eat one and freeze one. I’ll eat the heck out of pretty much anything she cooks.

There’s only one thing that I cook regularly, which is granola bars.  I start with this recipe but I add other stuff like wheat germ and flax seed because they’re supposed to be good for you. I also substitute peanuts for almonds because I like peanuts. I roast all of that along with the oats and then get the other stuff going in the saucepan.  This does take time because the longer you let them set up in the refrigerator the better off you are. I’m also not afraid of a few chocolate chips.

So let’s hear it. What’s the best thing you cook?


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