Quinnipiac Guard Giovanni McLean to Transfer to Texas Tech

Head coach Chris Beard continues to add talent to this team as Quinnipiac’s Giovanni McLean (6-1/195) will transfer to Texas Tech. McLean is immediately eligible and will have just this final year to play for Texas Tech.

Last year, McLean averaged 12.9 points a game, shooting 36% from the field, making 78% of his free throws, while averaging 4.7 rebounds a game and 3.3 assists to 3.0 turnovers per game. McLean made 33% of his three-point shots, making 54 of 162 on the year.

McLean is originally from New York and went to a couple of JUCO colleges before committing to Oklahoma after his sophmore year, but had problems with his transcript and moved on to Quinnipiac. There’s not a ton of great video out there, but check out some streetball highlights because those highlights are the best highlights (take it to the rim and don’t you dare call a foul).

And if my scholarship numbers are correct, Beard will have four scholarships available at the end of the year: Aaron Ross, Devon Thomas, Anthony Livingston and McLean.  I should also mention that there’s now serious competition at every spot. Not that there wasn’t before, but these guys are going to be fighting for minutes.

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