Weekend Open Thread: What’s Your Perfect Vacation?

I’m going on vacation, first real vacation in three years and I am incredibly happy to step away for the week.  The lack of vacation was due to Youssouf’s adoption, we never knew when we’d get the call, plus, we were always saving for his care while he was stuck in the DRC.  Now that Youssouf’s home, we’re ready to go somewhere.

I’ve got some things scheduled through the week and I’ve got a weekly open thread going up each morning for you to cuss and discuss the events of the day.

So, we’re headed to Taos for the week, with a pitstop in Lubbock on Saturday night. I want to show the boys the football field and walk around campus when things are pretty quiet, take some photos of the campus, and then head the rest of the way to New Mexico.  Having never been to Taos, I don’t know that this is my idea vacation, but I have high hopes.  My idea vacation is camping and hiking in the mountains with my family. Where the weather is cooler than it is currently in Texas and I hopefully get to see something majestic.

I’ve never been a big fan of the beach, mainly because I don’t get to “go anywhere” as I’m just sitting on the beach and I have a difficult time sitting down for too long. I want to go, not sit. That’s just me though, I know my wife likes to sit on the beach, relax, read a book and enjoy that breeze coming off the ocean.

What’s your perfect vacation?

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