The Morning Stake: August 1st

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Back From Vacation: My week long vacation was terrific and thanks to Brian and Spencer for carrying the load while I was gone. I had initially been stating that I hadn’t had a vacation in 3 years, but it was actually 4 years since our last get-away. In any event, it was terrific. We hiked a ton and the boys had a blast. I think they were tired by the end of the week, but they got to see things they’ve never seen before.


Carry the Ruck with Kingsbury. You can sign up to Carry the Fallen Ruck March on August 27th at Spirit Ranch with the Texas Tech coaching staff, which obviously includes Kliff Kingsbury.

“Supporting our military has always been special to me,” Kingsbury said. “We are thrilled to be able to work alongside Active Heroes to promote awareness and assist those who have served our great country. This event is something I hope all of West Texas will come support.”

The Ringer on Baron Batch. The Ringer’s Kevin Clark talks with Baron Batch about his life as an artist in Pittsburgh, mostly focusing on his recent arrest for graffiti on a biking trail that he rides every day.

I’ve been the lightning rod of something that has been needed here for a long time,” said Batch, referring to his personal mission of trying to turn a sports town into an art town. He believes that his arrest started a conversation among the city’s artists. “There’s a lot of spaces that haven’t been thought about as far as incorporating art into,” he said. “In other cities, this sort of art is normal, but Pittsburgh is behind because it’s a sports town.” Batch’s stance on Pittsburgh may not be to everyone’s taste, but it’s fueling him to put art anywhere he can, often for free.

Big 12 Heisman Odds. Athlong Sports’ Allen Kenney rates the Big 12 candidates and has Patrick Mahomes second, behind Baker Mayfield.

Outperforming Recruiting Rankings. RRS’s Will McKay with five freshmen who will outperform their recruiting rankings, including Jordyn Brooks, Zach Adams, Antoine Wesley, Houston Miller and Douglas Coleman.

Gotta Eat . . . Some Delicious Barbeque.

Don’t Forget the Wideouts.

Stay in Your Gap.

Coaches Can Now Retweet. Coaches are now permitted to retweet recruits without comment. So, now you’ll see a bunch of high school players in your timeline if you don’t follow them.

Allen to East Mississippi JUCO.

Miscellaneous. Via Deadspin on both articles, Baylor attempted to threaten citations for drinking to women who were raped so that they wouldn’t report the sexual assaults . . . Jim Turner, who was hired at one time by I think Tommy Tuberville for a day before he moved on to Mike Sherman’s staff, is the current offensive line coach for the Aggies and during the women’s clinic he came up with some sexually offensive terminology and phrases and has been suspended for 2 weeks. As you’ll remember, Texas Tech did this in 2014 to benefit the Jennie Bailey, the long-time staffer who died of cancer in 2015. . .

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