The Morning Stake: August 5th

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Hall of Fame

Six Named to Texas Tech Hall of Fame. Texas Tech announced that they have added six new members to the Texas Tech Hall of Fame: Josh Bard, Jia Perkins, Wes Welker, Ted Watts, Jonathan Johnson and Jennie Bailey. Congrats to all of them and a terrific honor for Mrs. Bailey. Make sure and watch the video, well worth your time.


Stone Readies for Season.


Mahomes Named to Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Watch List.

Webb Named Starter at Cal. Congrats to Davis. Now, go beat those Longhorns!

Coaches Poll Released. Via USA Today, the coaches poll is released and Texas Tech doesn’t make an appearance, but OU is at #3, TCU is at #14, and Baylor is at #21.

Baylor is the Worst. ESPN’s Paul Lavigne reports about recently suspended offensive lineman Rami Hammad, who was arrested on felony stalking charges on Monday, but here’s the kicker, Hammad was issued a no contact order by Baylor’s Title IX office on September 30, 2015, against an alleged victim. On October 2, 2015 stood in front of the victim, told her that a prior sexual encounter was “consensual” (literally told her it was consensual), the victim called the police and thought that the Title IX office would take care of it.

I have two additional points.

1. Baylor hired Pepper Hamilton on September 2nd.

2. Hammad played on October 3rd against Texas Tech. One day after violating the Title IX order and played the rest of the season.

Baylor obviously knew about Hammad, but he played the entire flipping season. Don’t tell me Art Briles didn’t know. He should have known.

The absolute worst.

Miscellaneous. The ESPN Big 12 Blog Bros are ranking the top 25 players and they rank 11-15 and 10-6 and no Texas Tech player has been on the list as of yet . . .

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