The Morning Stake: August 22nd


The soccer team moved to 2-0 on the year after a 1-0 win over Missouri State last night. Freshman Jade King scored the lone goal of the match. The next game should be a good one, against No. 20 Arizona on Friday night at 7 at the John Walker Soccer Complex.

Lady Raider Basketball

Assistant coach Ray Caldwell gives the tour of day 7 in Toledo, Spain. As an aside, Coach Caldwell has some personality, fun to watch:


LAJ’s Don Williams writes about DE Gary Moore’s long-awaited opportunity to see regular snaps for Texas Tech’s football team. Moore talks about his opportunity to play and about how he feels that as a result of Rusty Whitt, he’s ready to compete on an every play basis:

Moore said new strength and conditioning coach Rusty Whitt’s helped him with that, getting him to push through when Moore wondered whether he could get through a workout. He said he learned his mind was stronger than his body, and now he’s reaping the rewards of being in top shape.

“I’d say it’s 10 times better than it was before,” Moore said of his conditioning. “I know I can actually run to the ball and get lined back up and not even be tired. I don’t even think about that anymore. I just think about the next play and getting to the ball and my alignment now.”

Midland Reporter-Telegram’s Oscar LeRoy writes about LB Luke Stice and his journey from Houston to Texas Tech. This is pretty good and you get to know Stice quite a bit more. Maybe it’s not what Stice says, but with his former high school teammate Talor Numez has to say about Stice:

“He is the hardest working guy I’ve ever known in my life, and that’s even an understatement with how hard he works,” Nunez said. “He’s in the facility longer than anybody else, working on his technique, drills, stretching, taking care of his body. He has the best attitude I have ever known as a person. Every single day it is and whatever day he comes in and it’s, ‘championship Monday’ or ‘championship Tuesday’, or ‘championship Wednesday.’ That’s his attitude every single day.”

Get to know LB Brayden Stringer:

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