Practice Report: Two-Deep Settling In; Lots of Options for Mahomes

Apparently Kingsbury and the football team were made available after practice yesterday. There is no video, but RRS’s Drew Kohnle recaps that media session. The team will scrimmage on Saturday and then we can expect a game week type of week next week where the team gets into a routine. There’s lots of notes dropped by Kohnle, so go check it out. No breaking-news sort of notes, but we’re starting to see how things are shaking out with the depth chart. I’m interested to see how the depth chart plays out and as of right now, Thierry Nguema, Paul Banks and D.J. Polite-Bray are your cornerbacks with lots of guys cross-training at both cornerback and safety, especially the young guys. The more experienced players like Jah’Shawn Johnson, Keenon Ward and Payton Hendrix are your main safeties with Justis Nelson and Tevin Madison being your slot or nickel defensive back.

LAJ’s Don Williams writes that QB Patrick Mahomes may not have one guy, but may have multiple guys that he will be able to go to this year:

“There’s not really a go-to guy,” Mahomes said Thursday, “but there are several that can make plays. I like to have a lot of guys like that, that are really versatile — some big guys, some small, fast guys — so depending on the play, you can have a go-to receiver.”

The two-deep that Tech will release Monday for game week probably won’t vary much from the one the Red Raiders had going into August. Mahomes has Devin Lauderdale, Derrick Willies and Tony Brown at split end; Dylan Cantrell and Reginald Davis at flanker; Cameron Batson and Keke Coutee at “H” inside receiver; and Jonathan Giles and Ian Sadler at “Y” inside receiver.

There’s more notebooky type of things there, including Cameron Batson getting the nod at punt returner and it will be interesting if he’s given the green light this year to return a few.

Errbody rock.

Linebackers coach Jake Spavital talks about his linebackers, says that they are further along in installs than they were last year, plus talk about Luke Stice, plus notes that he needs to get some young players ready to go coupled with the seniors in Stice and Malik Jenkins.

Get to know sophomore OL Jack Reichel, who is a lot more lean than I thought he was. Think he has a good frame.

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