Practice Report: Steele and Akamnonu to Start?

Other than on Monday and after the game on Saturday, as well as Tuesdays after practice, are the only three days we’ll get to hear from Kingsbury. Please note at the end of the non-transcript that he says that it will be the tackles first time to start a game, which indicates that the tackles will be Terence Steele at left tackle and Madison Akamnonu at right tackle. Also note that Kingsbury said that both Keke Coutee and Cameron Batson will get equal reps. I think that’s the plan with the entire two deep at receiver.

Head Coach Kliff Kingsbury: I thnk we’re ready to go, never know until the lights go on . . . couple days in camp were shortened up, extended breaks in practice, nothing major . . . we got 40 minutes in, took a 30 minute break, and then went back out . . . we did some blitz pick-up and things like that to keep them active . . . I think the anxiety levels increase, we have closed live scrimmages, now everyone is watching, the axiety level is the biggest thing to get used to . . . the first week is the most stressed, but I feel good about this team . . . the guy who will fill that Jakeem Grant role, he’ll be that 5th wide receiver, he’s got a natural way of running routes and things come easy to him, if we get the ball early, he can do some things . . . Cameron Batson and Coutee is good leader, valedictorian of his school, they balance each other, I see them getting equal reps, regardless who starts . . . they are still testing the speed rush out, we’ll find out no Saturday . . . they are a veteran group, the two defensive ends will test our young tackles, it will be a good test for the younger o-linemen . . . the tackles will be the first game that they start, but if they play like they practice, hopefully it will translate to Saturday, they go against good defensive ends in practice . . . Justin Murphy still has to get into game shape, starting to see signs of that old physical Justin Murphy and he’ll be ready to come back . . .

LAJ’s Don Williams has his football notebook from the post-practice availability with the addition of talking with WR Devin Lauderdale, who said that the coaches, all of them, pushed him to be better in order to get back on the team. RRS’s Will McKay has a similar recap from the media availability and also comes to the same conclusion about the tackles being Steele and Akamnonu.

LAJ’s Don Williams writes about the two senior starters, Baylen Brown and Tony Morales, or at least two hopeful senior starters. Brown talks about moving from position to position:

“It’s not really a big deal,” he said. “I’ve done it (played multiple positions) since I’ve been here. I started here as a guard my freshman year, went to center, ended up playing guard. I played tackle last year. Back at center this year. Now back at guard.

“Once you know (a position) one time, it’s kind of old news. You just do whatever coach tells you to do and do your best.”

Get to know freshman linebacker Johnathan Picone:

RRS’s Will McKay also talked with RB DeMarcus Felton after practice today, make sure and check it out. Here’s a bit, but there’s a lot more there as Felton talks about the running back competition, learning from DeAndre Washington, his new position coach in DeShaun Foster and more.

Q: As a whole, just how do you feel like fall camp went for you and the team?

“I feel like fall camp went pretty good. The whole team was able to build, get stronger and faster, and we should see a new team with the Texas Tech Red Raiders this year. I feel like things, learning the offense and everything. I know the offense much better now than I did coming in. I’m really just ready to play.”

Q: And what has that process been like for you, just learning the offense and growing into being a college running back over the last few years?

“I think really that redshirt year really helped me a lot as far as learning the offense and getting bigger and stronger. I think it helped a lot in leading up to this point as we head into the game against SFA.”

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