The Morning Stake: September 5th


A successful road trip to North Dakota, as they won all four matches and won yesterday.

And to kick things off at home, Texas Tech will host UTEP for the home opener tonight.


The ladies get back on track and earn a 3-1 win yesterday against Abilene Christian.


LAJ’s Don Williams writes that the team could have done a lot worse on Saturday, which yeah, I think that’s correct, it could have been a lot worse. The only comment on Williams’ story, which Williams sorta downplays the win in a way, says, “about Tech unloading on a mediocre team. Really?” so know you’re up to date. LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot has three things from Saturday’s game, including Patrick Mahomes being even better, the freshmen that played and the lack of running game. Wreck’Em 24/7’s Carlos Silva, Jr. recaps the game. LAJ’s Don Williams has his football notebooks, where Williams notes that Austin Davis is out for the year with an injury and Brandon Banks was in street clothes on Saturday and Kliff Kingsbury said that Banks would at least be out for the Arizona State game as well and Kingsbury didn’t want to comment on it any further. I believe Level said that this was at least 3 or 4 games.

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