5 Post Game Thoughts: Arizona State 68, Texas Tech 55

  1. Tell me where you’ve heard this before. The Texas Tech defense gives up an obscene amount of points and the offense scores an obscene amount of points, but not a more obscene amount of points than the Texas Tech defense gives up. Really disappointed in the defense’s play and I hope you took a screen shot of those defensive stats from last week because they gone. The defense couldn’t stop Arizona State on 95% of their plays (this is a guess, but it sure feels accurate).
  2. Patrick Mahomes was magical, but he needs help. I’m going to get into this in more detail tomorrow, but there was just no help from the running game and the weight of the entire offense is solely on Mahomes’ shoulders. For a defense that gives up this many yards, the weight is too great for any one person.
  3. There is no doubt that the defense is getting some reps, everyone is getting reps and the freshmen are all getting snaps and plays. I would hope that this sort of thing helps down the road because this is a young defense for the most part.that’s not an excuse. the cornerbacks couldn’t cover the Arizona State receivers and the safeties were darn near helpless in stopping the Arizona State running backs when they broke through the first two levels. They were simply just over-matched.
  4. This felt like the West Virginia game last year, where you knew exactly what was going to happen and Texas Tech still couldn’t stop it. In the second half of the game, Arizona State made the decision to control the clock and the ball and it really worked to perfection. ASU’s quarterback did more than just enough to take advantage of Texas Tech’s defense. I thought he wouldn’t win the game for ASU, but I think the way he managed the clock and kept the Texas Tech defense off balance, he did just that. He won the game for them.
  5. We’ll get more into this tomorrow, but the road woes that I hoped would be exorcised were certainly not. Mahomes had two turnovers and the defense . . . well . . . you know. It sure would have been nice to get this win, but given the way that the rest of the Big 12 played, I’m not any more concerned than I was before the game started that Texas Tech is going to get their fair share of wins. It doesn’t feel like it right now, but I think The team will be okay. Guys are just going to have to grow up really quickly.
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