The Morning Stake: September 16th


original-double-t Ten in a row isn’t bad, but lost to Texas State yesterday.



original-double-t The ladies will take on Loyola Marymount tonight at 9:00 p.m. and San Diego State on Sunday at 8:00 p.m. The link there says that Friday’s game will be available on a live-stream,, and there’s a link there if you can watch.


original-double-tLAJ’s Don Williams reports that Texas Tech has added Lamar to the 2018 schedule and then moved the Missouri State game so that Texas Tech can open the season with Ole Miss in 2018:

Texas Tech has added a home game against Lamar to the 2018 football schedule and moved a game against Missouri State, clearing the way for the Red Raiders to open the 2018 season against Ole Miss.

The 2018 non-conference schedule, the most near-term dates Tech has been trying to finalize, would have Tech and the Rebels playing Sept. 1 at NRG Stadium in Houston, followed by Red Raiders home games Sept. 8 against Lamar and Sept. 15 against the University of Houston.

Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt said Thursday the contract for Tech-Ole Miss has yet to be signed, but he assumes it will be once ESPN works through contractual language with the SEC and the Big 12.

There’s more there, including the idea that Texas Tech has also added Lamar in 2021 as well and a bit about Trent Taylor, the receiver for Louisiana Tech and Josh Outlaw, who returns to Lubbock after spending a few years in Lubbock.

original-double-tLAJ’s Don Williams has a story on Derrell Mitchell who will be inducted into the Canadian Football League Hall of Fame, Mitchell played in 1992 and 1993 with Robert Hall and Bam Morris. Congrats!

original-double-tSI’s Pete Thamel has a lengthy piece about Big 12 expansion and that the one thing that’s clear is that the conference is dysfunctional. I honestly don’t have a problem with the process, it’s part of the vetting process and if they end up determine that the candidates aren’t worthy, then that’s okay. I don’t think the Big 12 is long either way. The reason for dysfunction is that the conference sat on their hands for years by not expanding when the time was right and it still always goes back the Longhorn Network. Nebraska and TAMU probably don’t leave if it weren’t for that abomination.

original-double-tRivals’ Rob Cassidy writes about how most Big 12 coaches don’t want to add another program in Texas because it will simply thin the recruiting pool. I agree with this, but as the article points out, it’s the president’s making the decision, not coaches:

Still, to say current Big 12 head coaches are staunch supporters of an overcrowded Texas recruiting scene would be tossing logic aside, and Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury isn’t interested in doing that. He doesn’t mind pointing out the obvious drawbacks.

“Any time you add another school in this state to the conference, it legitimatizes them,” Kingsbury said. “…I think it makes it a little bit crowded, when you’re talking about a talent pool that we all basically choose from. I like our conference as it is.”

It is important to note, that although Kingsbury gives his opinion here, he has zero input in the actual decision.

original-double-t Miscellaneous . . . NewsStar’s Sean Isabella did a Q&A with Don Williams that you can check out . . . DMN’s Brandon Soliz has his prediction for the game . . . Land Grant Gauntlet’s Chris Ross has this week’s Big 12 Power Rankings . . . Football Study Hall’s Bill Connelly has this week’s picks for all of the games, including a Texas Tech win . . . NewsStar’s Sean Isabella did a Q&A with Don Williams that you can check out . . . and I didn’t get to the story about the “guns up” controversy that seems a bit made up at this point as there are three people who apparently have complained and it doesn’t surprise me or bother me that the phrase “guns up” offends at least three people in this world. This seems like a made-up controversy for news coverage and hot-taeks, which I have none other than, whatever . . .

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