Let’s Talk About Stats: Kansas Jayhawks vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders

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As always, make sure and check out CFBStats and Football Study Hall for a full and complete list of stats.

Traditional Stats

traditional-stats-kuPretty stark differences between the two offenses, maybe none more apparent is the points per play, which Texas Tech is close to doubling, probably despite running twice as many plays.

The turnover margin is incredibly significant. If they happen in bunches then maybe Kansas has had their share for a while. And that turnover margin is a bit tricky because I think the Jayhawks have some turnovers themselves, they’ve just turned the ball over a ton, 7 fumbles and 4 interceptions with four turnovers created by the defense. At some point, the Jayhawks will stop dropping the ball on the turf and that probably starts agains Texas Tech . . . because that’s just the way things tend to go for the Texas Tech defense.

Texas Tech is a significantly better offense here and although it’s not shown, Texas Tech has more rushing yards than Kansas, but that’s what happens when the KU offense has struggled. Total yards is a tricky thing, but against Ohio, Kansas only had 232 yards and against Memphis only had 314 yards, but few yards per play in that game, from 5.27 to 4.36.

The third down conversion rate quite the difference as well, as Texas Tech is 6th in the nation in third down conversion rate while Kansas is 109th overall.

Advanced Stats

advanced-stats-kuI should mention that the ranks in these stats are from Saturday night, which is when I put this together. I didn’t have time to wait for Connelly to be able to update the overall rankings, but the numbers should be accurate.

Kansas is pretty rough overall, both on offense and defense, but as the jokes will write themselves, Kansas will get their offense straightened out. In any event, the Kanas Offense is pretty terrible, but of all things, they’re great in explosiveness, particularly rushing explosiveness. The crazy thing is that Kansas has only had 81 rushing plays, while Texas Tech has had 93. When they run, I guess good things happen? Not not totally sure, but that’s a funny side note. Meanwhile, Texas Tech is the second best passing offense in the nation.

The defenses are terrible and there’s no two ways about it. Texas Tech’s is worse by a ways, but the interesting thing that we might see is how Kansas is worse at stopping the run than the pass and I could envision Demarcus Felton and Justin Stockton having another field day.

Nothing would make me happier than a win and some improvement by the Texas Tech defense on Saturday.

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