The Morning Stake: October 3rd


original-double-t The soccer team had a bye week this week, but you still get Tom Stone.



original-double-t The Ringer’s Sam Fortier has a piece about how Patrick Mahomes isn’t just a quarterback a system, but just a very good quarterback:

The most valuable lesson he learned from baseball is one his coaches say can’t be taught. In those clubhouses, he watched men fail at their jobs every day. He came to understand that success depended on not remembering the last play. That mind-set is the same one that allows him to roll out, see a receiver deep, and, whether he’s just thrown a touchdown or interception, throw the ball again.

original-double-t With the game on Thursday and Ten Things on Friday with no links this weekend, I thought I’d link to the LAJ’s articles from Thursday night. LAJ’s Don Williams wrote about how Nic Shimonek played so well on Thursday night. LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot writes about how Ondre Pipkins found a home at Texas Tech. LAJ’s Don Williams has his notebook from the game.

original-double-t Pretty cool reaction of the team seeing the helmets for the first time, or it seems that way:

original-double-t 2017 QB commit Xavier Martin is doing things man.

original-double-tFrogs O’ War is reporting that TCU is likely to vote no on the question of expansion. The Big 12 needs 8 votes to expand, but just a blanket “no” seems to make expansion that much more unlikely.

original-double-t Via Deadspin, rape survivor Brenda Tracy spoke to the Baylor football team, which was a pretty good thing, but Tracy said that a Baylor assistant coach told her that there wasn’t any sort of problem on the football team, that Art Briles wasn’t at fault:

However, directly after my talk, a football coaching staff member pulled me aside and in a very disturbing manner began to give me his “opinion.” He was obviously very angry and defensive about what was happening. I was shocked by what he was saying. He knew that I had a voice in the media and he was doing nothing but making Baylor look guilty and he was validating for me that the football culture was toxic and that all the claims being made against them and Art Briles were probably true.

I left that man’s office feeling defeated. If he was any indication of how the rest of the staff felt, then the talk I just gave to the football team was useless.

original-double-t Michael Crabtree had 3 touchdown catches yesterday.

original-double-t Miscellaneous . . . ESPN has a good story on former Red Raider footballer Kerry Hyder, who already has 5 sacks for the Detroit Lions . . . Geoff Ketchum is reporting that Charlie Strong is taking away play-calling duties from defensive coordinator Vance Bedford . . . SI’s Pete Thamel intimates that Strong is “very close” to being fired at the end of the season and that he won’t be fired in the middle of the season because there’s not internal candidate to take over the job, which might say something about who else Strong has in his program . . .

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