The Morning Stake: October 18th



original-double-t I hope we get better coverage this year, really don’t recall last year getting a lot of coverage as to how the players did in these games and I’m incredibly interested as to how the offense will look this year.


original-double-t I’ll be at this game in Ft. Worth, Texas Tech vs. TCU in about two weeks.

original-double-t LAJ’s Don Williams has his notebook from yesterday’s press conference and writes a bit about how some fans want head coach Kliff Kingsbury to get angry and show emotion on the field, but Kingsbury said that things are handled internally and the punishments are after practice things like up-downs and board pushes.

Not that Kingsbury’s going to change his sideline demeanor. Kingsbury said Monday he and his staff will review how they do things, how they practice and consider personnel changes with Tech having lost two of its first three Big 12 games. But the show of angry emotion many fans crave from him is off the table.

“I don’t do anything for show as far as trying to show off for the fans or make a point so the fans see it,” Kingsbury said. “But that gets dealt with on its own.”

original-double-tRRS’s Will McKay recaps some quotes from IR Cameron Batson and OL Paul Stawarz. There’s more quotes there, but here are a couple. From Batson:

“That we got our butts kicked. That we really need to get some things going. He was very unhappy with the film. We all were obviously unhappy with the film after seeing the game and how we played. He was definitely a lot meaner than he has been. He’s really focused, I should say. He’s definitely focused on this second half of the season.”

And from Stawarz:

“We got after it. That’s all I’ve got to say about that. We were working today,” he said. “Staying focused. They’re pushing us a lot harder. Practice is revved up a little bit. That itself and and staying focused.”

“Physicality. It was very physical.”

“We have to clean some stuff as an offense, me personally. We just got after it.”

original-double-tSI’s Stewart Mandel has some thoughts on the Big 12’s decision not to expand and writes that the Big 12 owes some college presidents and conferences an apology for making a farce out of the expansion process.

Not that we necessarily care about soem of these other teams, but teams like Houston that have literally mortgaged the future to be part of a Power Five conference.

Boren said a lot of things yesterday and I’m too tired to blockquote them to the point where we really know what’s going on, but generally speaking, Boren said that the decision was made not to expand and they never even discussed the candidates. I’d also add that what seemed like just 6 months ago, OU president David Boren and Bowlsby both said that the Big 12 would be significantly behind the Big Ten and SEC and that’s true.

I’d guess that Kansas goes to the Big Ten, Oklahoma goes to the SEC and I have no idea what happens next.

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