The Morning Stake: October 21st





original-double-t LAJ’s Don Williams writes about the return of Baker Mayfield evoking the memory of the return of David McWilliams and the McWilliams Tarp, which is the tarp the visitors walk under as they walk through the tunnel. I don’t think I ever knew that tarp was named. Terrific history lesson here.

original-double-t RRS’s Aaron Dickens recaps the Red Raider Football With Kliff Kingsbury, which is the radio spot he does each week. Kingsbury says that he was disappointed with the team’s tougness on Saturday, that he thinks that Antoine Cox-Wesley will play this season, which is a total surprise at this point. Also had some things to say about Ivory Jackson and Eli Howard as well as the potential of Jett Duffey and if you’re at all curious about Kingsbury’s comments about Corey Dauphine, there doesn’t appear to be any animosity or spin:

… Kingsbury on the transfer of Corey Dauphine: “Really good young man. Works hard. Great story. Tremendous athlete.” Kingsbury said he thinks Dauphine feels like he needs a “different fit.”

original-double-t I forgot to post this the other day, but here’s Outside the Huddle with Robert Giovannetti and Kliff Kingsbury talks about not fighting and how the team didn’t show up. Also said that the coaches met immediately after the game and got back early the next day. Also, the only player he really mentions by name is Nik Shimonek.

original-double-t Miscellaneous . . . OU Daily’s Kelli Stacy looks at the matchups between Texas Tech and Oklahoma . . . Land Grant Gauntlet’s Chris Ross takes a close look at the Big 12’s numbers at the halfway point . . . Sports On Earth’s Matt Brown predicts this week’s games including Texas Tech and Oklahoma . . . Land Grant Gauntlet’s Grant Thome has a retrospective of the Big 12’s decision not to expand and it’s not all gloom and doom . . . NewsOK’s Ryan Aber writes about the continued friendship between Mayfield and Zach Austin . . . Football Study Hall’s Bill Connelly has his S&P+ picks . . .

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