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original-double-t I only had time to roll through this one time, just running out of time today.

Kliff Kingsbury: D’Vonta Hinton did not practice and would not expect to play this week . . . Breiden Fehoko, doing a better job with his hands and understanding gap integrity, after this one, he’ll really be a dominant force for Texas Tech . . . Eli Howard, has done well, Ivory Jackson, Noah Jones, Houston Miller, Kaleb Hill, have all been a real force and cant’ wait to get him some reps this spring . . . Jackson has really developed, put on weight and have a hard time blocking him, around 275 or 280, the weight program has been good and nutrition . . . (Patrick Mahomes) best he’s been throwing wise, since the injury, hopefully that translates to playing good on Saturday . . . we have to have other guys step up and help him, really in the past game, he’s got to take what they give us and good things will happen . . . you have to take advantage of the run game, when they are that loose, you have to get more than that, up front, we’re not moving bodies as good as we should, we have to keep going and hopefully this is the week it clicks . . . (re. special teams) I think some of those units that haven’t improved, and hopefully we can bring in some players that do a better job, we’ll look at it . . . Da’Leon Ward, we have to find a way to take advantage of how the defense is playing . . . Justin Stockton, has seen some development that I like, last year we did some things with DeAndre that we liked, I think it’s just a combination of those things . . . Derrick Willies is still getting back into it, he’s got to protect the ball, he’s blocking hard and plays fast, I think that second year will be similar to Westbrook at OU . . . (I think the last question was about Devin Lauderdale and Gary Moore and the response was that we’re right where we’ve been) . . .

original-double-tLAJ’s Don Williams and RRS’s Will McKay both recap Kingsbury’s press conference embedded above. Here’s a bit from McKay’s article as Kingsbury discusses the lack of big runs and the problems with special teams:

-So why aren’t they getting big runs on the ground in those situations? Kliff’s thoughts:

“I think up front we’re probably not moving bodies as well as we should, and running back-wise we’re still with some young guys growing up, figuring it out, but it’s something last year I really think we could’ve taken advantage of with that line and the running back. We’ve just got to keep growing, keep gelling, and hopefully this is the week that it clicks.”

-The head coach on where he thinks things are at with his special teams:

“Some of those units that haven’t improved, got to make some changes at the end of this deal, and hopefully we can bring in some players that can do a better job, whether it’s the specialist or the cover units or the return units. It’s something we’ll look at, we’ll continue to work, but until Saturday I don’t know if it’s going to be any better.”

original-double-tLAJ’s Don Williams writes about Texas Tech playing in a bowl game and looks at the three remaining games and ranking them hardest to easiest.

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