The Morning Stake: November 23rd

Campus Photos

original-double-t Totally Texas Tech has a new group of campus photos, including some terrific shots of the fall folliage as well as construction photos from the new Sports Performance Center:



Lady Raider Basketball

original-double-t The Lady Raiders don’t play until Friday, against Fordham.


original-double-tLAJ’s Don Williams and RRS’s Will McKay recap yesterday’s presser with Kliff Kingsbury. McKay pretty much has the full quotes, while Williams also talked with Jah’Shawn Johnson, who said that this team is still all-in together:

“Everyone’s all in,” Johnson said after Tuesday’s practice. “This is probably the closest we’ve been in the last two or three years as a team. Everyone’s playing for each other. We’re not getting the job done on Saturdays, but no one’s giving up.”

Other notable items is that Kingsbury said that Gary Moore, Devin Lauderdale and D’Vonta Hinton will all not play, so they’re done for the year.

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