The Morning Stake: November 27th


Lady Raider Basketball


original-double-t LAJ’s Don Williams writes about how Texas Tech’s defense was the difference against Baylor:

It begs a question, though: Where was this defense for three months? More to the point, why can’t the Red Raiders give this kind of effort every week? All those turnovers and turnovers on downs seemed to be the product of higher intensity.

“Yeah, I think the effort was a lot better,” senior cornerback Justis Nelson said. “The majority of us (being seniors) aren’t going to come back. I think that was a factor, but also guys just leaving it all out there. Just want to send us out right, and it was the last game.

“Why is it not that effort every game? I wish I could tell you, because that’s something we need, and obviously that’s the team we’re capable of being and playing up to that caliber. But like you said, we have to bring it every week.”

original-double-tLAJ’s Nicholas Talbot writes about the win, but that there is still uncertainty for Texas Tech, Patrick Mahomes and Kliff Kingsbury:

There is a press conference with Texas Tech athletics director Kirby Hocutt on Sunday.

According to the university it is due to the number of requests lately to talk to Hocutt.

What that means is anyone but Hocutt’s guess.

For sure, though, there will be big changes to the program after a 5-7 season. At the very least a quarterback Baylor coach Jim Grobe called “special” after the game probably won’t be back.

Patrick Mahomes II has to choose whether or not to enter the NFL Draft in the coming months.

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original-double-t Miscellaneous . . . LAJ’s Don Williams has a notebook from the game . . .

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