Coach Beard Commends Home Crowd

Although I could not fully tell from the television set, there seemed to be a nice sized basketball crowd out for the barnburner versus Rice on Saturday. It got noticeably louder in the USA than the other games I have watched this season. I chalked it up to the back-and-forth battle on the court that was taking place. But, after the game I noticed this post from the official men’s basketball twitter account…

I went back to research the stats from last year, and it looks like we never came close to getting 10,000+ during our non-conference schedule. It must be some of the carryover from the excitement of making the NCAA tournament and recharging our fan base to cheer on our players. Also, it might be some credit to the energized students and fans coming out to watch Chris Beard and staff get off to a great start early in the season. Whatever it is, it is awesome that we are getting butts in the seats!

Home court advantage is a huge thing in college basketball, just like any sport. The cool thing is that Coach Beard and the players did not let that go unsaid on Saturday after our thrilling victory. Here is Coach Beard after the game…

“First of all, I was really appreciative of the crowd. That’s the best crowd we’ve had this season. Somebody told me we had close to 10,000 people. It was just awesome. In college basketball, there’s a relationship between attendance and winning. I really don’t think we pull this out tonight if we have 2,000 or 3,000 people at the game. I’m very thankful to everybody who came tonight. It starts with our students. From where I was sitting, it looked like maybe our best student of the year so far. A lot of work went into that by Robert (Giovannetti) and everybody at Texas Tech. We had some people in the community step up this week with some group sales, and our students came. I’m very, very appreciative of the home court advantage.”

Here is what some of the players and staff put up on twitter after the game…


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