Let’s Pick a Staking The Plains T-Shirt

Hey guys and gals! Well, this is way overdue and it’s my fault because I get way too busy to think about things like “expanding the┬ábrand” and things like that. But here we are, I’m ready to start selling t-shirts and I’m going to use a company called Teespring. I can’t afford the inventory, but the way that Teespring works is that I set a goal of a number of shirts to sell and once we reach that goal, then they get printed. If we don’t reach our goal then the t-shirt doesn’t get printed and you guys don’t get charged. It’s not in my hands, but in the hands of Teespring.

These are the two t-shirt options I’m going to offer:

I want you to choose one for now and the one with the highest number of votes will be the one that I sell first. I’ll announce the winner and then I’ll open it up for sale. I’m going to set the goal at 75 t-shirts and I plan on giving 20% of whatever we make to a charity and then I’m going to divide the rest among the writers of Staking The Plains. As far as charities are concerned, I think The Red Raider Club would be totally excited to get a check from Staking The Plains and there are some other local charities that could benefit as well. If the first campaign works out then I’ll do the second shirt. If you all end up choosing the red shirt with white lettering, I can add different colors of shirts, so I could add a black and a gray to count to the 75. Same thing with the black shirt with red lettering, I could add a white and a gray shirt and it still counts to the goal of 75.

We’ll be selling the t-shirts for $22.00 (which I don’t think includes shipping) and I want to use American Apparel shirts because they’re nicer and I want you all to look nice.

Oh, and I’m also open to using something else, like CustomInk, but I’m not as clear on how it works with CustomInk and if it works the same way. Either way, we’re doing this.

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