The Morning Stake: February 6th



Lady Raider Basketball


This is a 2018 baseball commit, shortstop Dru Baker:

That’s Baker’s performance at the 2018 Nike The Opening in Houston. Baker is originally from Tomball and according to MaxPreps (which isn’t always accurate), Baker had about 122 yards a game, good for 2,321 total passing yards, 16 touchdowns and 8 interceptions. Here’s Baker’s football highlight video and as you might expect, it’s pretty good. He’s got a ton of Patrick Mahomes in him, lots of play-action pass, running for his life and making a play. Really terrific and elusive runner.


Congrats to Danny Amendola on his second Super Bowl win. Looks like everyone had a good time at da club. Also congrats to LaAdrian Waddle on his first Super Bowl win (LaAdrian not pictured).

Lifters of the week? Yes, I like this a lot.

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LAJ’s Don Williams spoke with defensive coordinator David Gibbs about the freshmen defensive backs from last year and his general assessment is that they were uneven, as expected, but there’s a ton of potential here. Gibbs talks about Douglas Coleman, Desmon Smith and Kevin Moore and here’s a bit about Moore, who I wasn’t sure where he’ll play, but Gibbs is sure:

“Kevin, watching him run down the field on kickoffs, which everybody did: ‘Why can’t you get him on the field on defense?’” Gibbs said. “I know that. Everybody knows that. He’s been developing. He’s having a good off-season so far, so we’ll get him in the mix. You’ll see a lot more of Kevin.”

When Moore signed last February, there was some discussion of which best suited him, given his linebacker background but size more associated with a defensive back. Gibbs said he’ll continue to groom Moore as the latter.

“He plays safety. That’s what he is,” Gibbs said. “But he can also play nickel and dime, which is (like a) linebacker. We’re going to start him out at safety in the spring and let him go. “And obviously one thing he can do is tackle the guy with the ball.”

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