Patrick Mahomes Makes the Media Rounds

Former Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes made the media rounds yesterday, visiting with The Dan Patrick Show and with ProFootball Talk.

Dan Patrick Show

I very much enjoyed this interview and you get why Patrick is so good at his job. He knows quite a bit about Mahomes and he’s actually watched him play. Not only that, but Patrick likes the way that Mahomes plays, that Mahomes has moxie and control of the offense that Patrick really likes. Really enjoyed this.

ProFootball Talk

Mahomes also appeared with ProFootball Talk’s Mike Florio, there is an interview there at the link and a bit from Florio where he gets a bit existential about the idea of players being able to choose the teams that they play for:

At the tail end of the answer came a whisper of deviation from the standard pre-draft talking point. He wants to get to the “right team with the right coaching.” But if that happens, it won’t be the product of Mahomes’ decision-making process; it will be a result of the right team with the right coaching deciding Mahomes is the right guy. What if the wrong team with the wrong coaching picks Mahomes? For at least four and maybe five years, there’s nothing he can do about it.

“There’s definitely no team that I’d prefer not to play for,” Mahomes added. “I really just want a team that has great coaching and that can really help me develop to be the best quarterback I can be and hopefully win a few championships.”

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