Rusty Whitt Discusses his coaching history, 9/11 and his expectations

I know that some of you can’t or don’t want to buy in to the offseason workout hype, but I do think that Rusty Whitt is a bit different and in this recent video, Whitt discusses how he got into the strength and conditioning side of coaching, how he joined the military after 9/11 and his expectations for the team. This came out on Friday night and my quote tweet on this was “I love you.” I don’t know how much Whitt will change the bodies of these players, but I think he’s a fantastic role model and motivator for these players. Here’s a blockquote of his expectations for himself and the players:

The athletes we coach for 8 or 10 hours a week have a lot more they can put out, they don’t know that yet. It’s my job to make sure they understand how far they can push themselves. If I’m not changing that athlete when they walk in the door, their psychological approach, mental toughness, or physical abilities, if I’m not changing that, I’m stealing my paycheck.

I’m doing them a disservice.

The athletes have to know why we’re doing this. It’s not to create a future military member or some mad persona it’s to create a Big 12 Champion.

My goal for these guys coming in is I want them to graduate, be responsible, hardworking determined people. When that happens alongside the great coaching they get and the great resources they provide, they’re going to be successful here.

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