No Double-T in the Football Facility Has Been the Case Since Beginning of Spring Workouts

If you’ve been paying attention, this didn’t just happen.

Yesterday, it was officially announced that until further notice, the Double-T would not be allowed to be worn inside the football facility.

But if you’re astute, you’ve noticed that this isn’t something new, but something that happened pretty much as soon as the players arrived back on campus because all of the video that the official site releases for the spring workouts have not had any players wearing the Double-T.

I don’t know how new or old some of the video is, but I’m guessing that it wasn’t all shot today, or yesterday. I’d guess that essentially since National Signing Day, the players have not worn the Double-T.  This is one of those things where I don’t think that Kingsbury or the rest of the coaching staff has anything to lose by motivating these players with a symbol, our symbol, that means something.  Kingsbury has always preached about how it’s an honor to simply play scholarship football and maybe it means a bit more with Kingsbury with a university that has given so much to him.

There’s the other part of me that thinks that this is culminating in earning it during spring practices at some point. Not when they start, but at some point. These players have worn nondescript workout shirts for all of the spring workouts under Rusty Whitt.

The question is if it’s a good motivational tool and I think I said in one of the comments, I suppose it depends. And maybe don’t focus so much on the concept of “earning back” the Double-T, but rather focus on the acknowledgement of the team and coaching staff as a whole of a less than acceptable season. I think that’s the focus here because they’ll wear it on Saturday’s in the fall, but for now, they’ll work on getting it back.


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