Comparing Advanced Defensive Line Stats Between Texas Tech and Florida Atlantic

You know what’s fun? Looking at advanced stats on defensive lines. It’s funny how you and I had the same answer. I think we’re destined to be together forever.

In any event, on Thursday, Texas Tech hired their new defensive line coach, Terrance Jamison from Florida Atlantic. If anything, we can applaud Jamison for not wanting to coach with Lane Kiffin and that’s a plus in my book.

Florida Atlantic is obviously not a premier program, they went 3-9 last year and had to hire Kiffin, so things weren’t exactly going well. But what do the advanced stats say about the two defenses. And theoretically, Texas Tech “should” have a better defense because theoretically, they should have better players. Courtesy of Football Outsiders we have some advanced stats to take a look at:

Florida Atlantic Texas Tech Difference
Adj. LY 89.9 95.1 (5.20)
Adj. LY Rank 108 87 21.00
Std. Downs Line Yards 3.38 3.31 0.07
Std. Downs Line Yards Rank 118 109 9.00
Pass Downs Line Yards 3.63 3.79 (0.16)
Pass Downs Line Yards Rank 105 114 (9.00)
Opp. Rate 43.50% 42.30% 0.012
Opp. Rate Rank 114 101 13.00
Power Success Rate 75.60% 73.30% 0.023
Power Success Rate Rank 110 97 13.00
Stuff Rate 15.20% 16.70% -0.015
Stuff Rate Rank 114 101 13.00
Adj. Sack Rate 100.5 32.90% 100.171
Adj. Sack Rate Rank 64 126 (62.00)
Std. Downs Sack Rate 4.70% 1.90% 0.028
Std. Downs Sack Rate Rank 72 123 (51.00)
Pass Downs Sack Rate 7.40% 2.40% 0.05
Pass Downs Sack Rate Rank 72 126 (54.00)

The difficult thing here is that Texas Tech and FAU are essentially the same defense for all intents and purposes, which says all too much about the Texas Tech defense.

The one place where there’s a noticeable difference is the sacks, where FAU was really pretty good at getting the passer. In fact, they were significantly better than Texas Tech, on standard downs and passing downs. But Texas Tech was simply awful at producing sacks, so this isn’t a high bar. Still, if you want to see pressure on the opposing quarterbacks, then I think this is a pretty good thing to look forward too.

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