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The Morning Stake: March 3rd

I’m taking my annual spring weekend away this weekend. I’ll be totally away from the computer from Friday through Sunday with very little internet access. Well, I’ll have access so long as I walk down the road to get service. I won’t be able to update the baseball weekend and it will be the start of spring practices for football as well as junior day. It’s going to be a busy weekend, but I’m sure you all will hold down the fort for me.




Lady Raider Basketball

Red Raider Basketball

Man oh, man, you really need to read this article from the New York Times’ Scott Caccciola on South Plains College and their amazing run, which includes two Texas Tech signees, shooting guard Jordan Brangers and point guard Josh Webster. Really terrific stuff:

After a coach persuaded him to earn his G.E.D., he briefly attended two small colleges without playing a single minute of basketball, he said. He returned home to Kentucky, filling his days with pickup hoops.

Then, one day, Green showed up. He had heard about Brangers from a friend. Green watched him shoot for about two minutes.

“Are you kidding me?” Green recalled saying.

At South Plains, Brangers has thrived. Green often sends him late-night texts that include 10-second video bursts of Curry or Thompson performing various feats of basketball wizardry. Green is not known for his technical savvy. He records the clips off his television using his iPhone, then hits “send.” The clips can be fuzzy — more celluloid than high def — but he gets his point across: See how Thompson got open here?

“It’s really just understanding how those guys come off screens,” Brangers said.

RRS’s Drew Kohnle concludes the high school career of Jarrett Culver, who concluded his year at Coronado and is looking forward to his time at Texas Tech:

“I feel like we will have a great team next year. All the guys coming in are going to work hard, and I feel like we can accomplish what coach Beard has for us.”

“I feel like the 2017 class is full of great players. I know them all pretty well. I don’t talk to them all the time, but when we see each other we talk for a bit. I’ve seen them on Twitter and some of the things they do, and I think they are all good players. Jordan Brangers has some crazy range.”


Adjust your Palm Pilots.

Patrick Mahomes weighs in.

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ESPN’s Jake Trotter has the must-win and trap games of 2017 and the trap game is . . .

The Red Raiders have not played their best in openers recently. In 2014, they held off Central Arkansas 42-35 at home. In 2015, they had to outscore Sam Houston, 59-45. Despite being an FCS opponent, Eastern Washington is capable and dangerous. Last season, the Eagles knocked off Washington State in Pullman, 45-42. The year before that, they hung around with Oregon into the second half. With a new quarterback in Nic Shimonek, the Red Raiders could undergo some early growing pains in the opener. If those pains linger, Tech could have another Week 1 fight on its hands.

LAJ’s Sarah Rafique has the latest on the Title IX lawsuit, and that was originally threatened, but now, has apparently been dropped by the player that joined the team in January of 2016:

Despite the suit being dropped, university officials this week said they do not plan to release documents related to the outcome of last year’s Title IX case without a ruling from the Texas Attorney General’s Office. Tech previously declined to release the documents to A-J Media in January due to the pending lawsuit.

The documents were part of an A-J request for Title IX disposition letters the university issued between mid-February and December 2016.

The university released all of the letters — which include the name of the student found in violation of Title IX, the code of conduct policy he or she violated and any punishment handed down — except for that of the student suing the university.

Miscellaneous . . .

  • Hey, what do you know, Art Briles is defending himself again and “he can remain silent no longer.” Briles will deny, deny, deny until he can’t deny any more. He don’t give af.
  • Campus Insiders has three things to watch this spring.

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