Texas Tech Football Things: Morris, Juluke & Shimonek Discuss Spring Football

┬áThe second day of media availability and we’re in full swing. Today we have running backs coach Jabbar Juluke, offensive coordinator and inside receivers coach Eric Morris and quarterback Nic Shimonek. Let’s go.

Jabbar Juluke:

The warm embrace I’ve received is like the first time and for Texas Tech to be on board with me and allowing me to go back to LSU and to welcome me back with open arms says alot about the people here . . . I’m excited about the young men speed, hard workers, good athletes, good open field runners . . . Desmond Nisby: we have a big guy coming in, going to try to compliment the other guys, there’s going to be a competitive room . . . More on Nisby: I started watching his film, when I started contacting Kingsbruy, he’s a mature guy, he and I have spoken on the phone a few times . . . I was here for a month (jokes) I was actually at Tyler Junior colleges for two years in the early 90’s, the common ground is good people, we’re looking forward to being here, excited to be here at Texas Tech and upcoming years . . . was born and raised in New Orleans, Baton Rouge . . . I go to Walk-Ons a lot, had my first chicken fried steak, also like chicken fried chicken . . . DaLeon Ward: I recruited him, made sure he was doing what he had to do at Skyline, but he got stronger, looking for some great things from him, also looking for some great things from Justin Stockton and Demarcus Felton and adding Donta (Thompson) to the room is going to be good for us, along with Mason . . . working with coach Brandon Jones, we’ll clean up some things in the run game, he’s one of the best I’ve been with, I think with some rules and regulations in hitting landmarks, we’re going to improve immediately, he’s doing a good job of keeping it simple, for myself and allows me to teach it to the kids as well, not just in the run game but in pass protection as well, he and I have a good relationship off the field as well . . . Re. Donta: he’s going to be that split out back, we call it the B back . . . I called Kingsbury, if you want me back, I want to be here, I’m excited to be under his leadership, and I’m honored he allowed me to come back . . . I was a head coach for ten years, and the hardest transition was from giving orders to getting orders, very grateful to Skip Holtz, kids are kids, you love them up no matter what . . .

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Eric Morris:

Ian Sadler: Thought he had a great spring, but the injuries were too much, he went to Dallas and got second opinions, luckily, we built up a lot of depth, really hate to see him go . . . Nic Shimonek: He’s been great in the weight room, coach Whitt has had to bring his weight down, strong kid and competitive, done a great job leading, he wants to know what the OL does, putting in a ton of work, our team really respects him, he’s been around here for 3 years and knows the offense in and out . . . Shimonek is more vocal, he’s a combination of Webb and Mahomes, Webb was more vocal and Mahomes led on the field, all ten guys will be looking at him with confidence, hwe’re going to look at him to lead the charge . . . yeah, we put so much on the quarterback, he gives the play to the line and he directs all of the traffic, it’s great when you have those leadership skills . . . yeah, absolutely, it’s been good for him to sit back in the wings and see guys be successful and mold his nature around what those guys did, we’ve played a ton of young quarterbacks, I think he’ll benefit from watching those guys . . . it’s hard to lead when you’re not a starting quarterback, you don’t get those opportunities, his role has changes, we didn’t know his leadership was that strong until he came out against Kansas, his motto is don’t flinch and that was the first time we saw him live and in action . . . he’s always been able to throw the football, Kingsbury has done a good job to get him to go through his reads, we’ll see more of him than Pat, you won’t see all of the broken plays, he’ll be an on-time guy . . . I don’t even know where to start, Keke Coutee ended the season on a bright note, Cameron Batson is a scenario, the weight room numbers for Batson are astronomical, pound for pound he may be our strongest player, Jonathan Giles, I thought he went through some lulls, he’s up to 200 pounds now and see that he add some weight, excited to get Zach Austin back, he’s had some good games here, we moved Tony Brown inside . . . Keke, Zach and Tony will play Y, Batson and Giles will play H . . . like having the difference in body type, have always had smaller guys and would like to add a bigger body, and like having Tony Brown, Keke and Cam . . . we’ve got plenty of stuff on the outside, we like what Quan shorts did, Cantrell is the leader, is almost 230 pounds, as a unit, we have 8 guys we’re confident, we cant be selfish, we’ll throw it to the next guy . . . junior day is huge, especially when you get them out to West Texas, we try to get guys here that we’re really excited and focused on and keep the numbers small, we’re excited about getting them down . . . I think the sky is the limit, T.J., Quan, Antoine, Derrick, all those guys in the same boat and the two two are going to start, Dylan is the only one that has a clear cut edge, everyone else will have to battle their butts off, Quan is gong to do some X and Vasher will be behind Dylan, Willies and Quan will battle it out . . . .

Nic Shimonek:

I’ve been preparing for this for two to three years now, but now I have more leadership role, leading these guys in the film room, weight room, looking forward to Saturday, been preparing for this for a long time, just want to see everything come to fruition . . . I’m pretty aggressive, I like to get in people’s face, I learn better that way, I want Kingsbury to let me know that I’ve messed up, me and Pat were the same way, I’d get on his tail and he’d get on mine, it all boils down to one thing and being ready . . . I’ve been fortunate to play behind some good talent, the kid that started at Iowa went in the 6th round, the other quarterback should go in the 3rd or 4th round, Davis was a machine in the film room, he studied in the film room, Jake Ruddock was the same way, Pat played off of instinct and take bits and pieces, obviously, I want to be myself, why not try to do some of those things that they’ve done . . . Derrick Willies: like you mentioned, we live together, we know each other well, Cantrell, Keke, Cam, Austin, Giles we’re with each other each day, we work out in the same group, it is beneficial for me on the field because they are so talented, not every play is going to go where you want it to go . . . McLane Carter and Xavier Martin have both been in the film room, studying and then applying it, you might know everything, and once he starts signaling and your mind is going a million miles an hour, I’ll be signaling to them and just try to ease them into that, but I think they’ll be ready . . .

That was 21 minutes of non-transcript.

Best part of this video? Seeing Kingsbury interact with his players. Cheering them on and laughing with them. I can’t remember the last time that I saw Kingsbury laugh.

LAJ’s Don Williams takes a look at the offensive line and has a very early depth chart after talking with offensive line coach Brandon Jones. Here’s the depth chart and I’ll let you discuss from here:

Left tackle: Travis Bruffy, So.; Giovanni Pancotti, Fr.
Left guard: Madison Akamnonu, So.; Jacob Hines, Jr.; Zach Adams, Fr.
Center: Paul Stawarz, Jr.; Tony Morales, Sr.; Dawson Deaton, Fr.
Right guard: Bailey Smith, So.; Jack Anderson, Fr.; Jack Reichel, Jr.
Right tackle: Terence Steele, So.; Jack Reichel, Jr.; Will Farrar, Fr.

RRS’s Will McKay recaps yesterday’s press conference as well. I can’t catch everything (because I lack the time) so check it out.

LAJ’s Don Williams also recaps that open session with Eric Morris about the receivers and where they’ll line up.

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