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The Morning Stake: May 15th


Just a reminder that I’ll be on vacation on Wednesday through Sunday. I’ve set open threads to go up at 5:30 each morning and I should have at least one other post each day. It is possible that I’ll have internet access, but not completely sure about that. Either way, it will be up to you to post the Texas Tech news, notes and links each day.

Texas Tech Track and Field

The Big 12 track and field championship was in Lawrence, Kansas this weekend and the Texas Tech track and field Twitter account has a ton of highlights. Lots of great moments, too many for me to recap here. The men finished 3rd, behind Texas and Kansas, while the ladies finished 6th overall.

Texas Tech Tennis

Texas Tech Golf

This tweet is from yesterday, so the men’s golf team tees off in Nashville today. That Twitter account is great for following along.

Texas Tech Baseball

TCU lost 2 of 3 to Oklahoma this past weekend, so that means if Texas Tech sweeps Kansas, the Red Raiders will share the Big 12 title with TCU.

Texas Tech Football

It was a busy weekend for the football team. Texas Tech added Iowa running back Derrick Mitchell, Jr. and also added JUCO safety Thomas Leggett. I haven’t really opined on these graduate transfers like Mitchell, Jajuan Dulaney (Maryland) and Dwayne Johnson (Nebraska), but I mentioned to some of the Staking The Plains staff that these guys are “break in case of emergency” type of players. They are added depth and if something terrible happens, then they could see some time, but the likelihood that they will be big-time and significant contributors is probably pretty slim. Does this mean that I could be wrong? Oh, sure but I think the odds are that these guys are here to make sure if something terrible happens, they can fill in some blanks. In my opinion, Dulaney probably has the best shot of all of them because I don’t think that Jones likes what’s happening at left guard and if Stockton’s concussion injuries persist, then Mitchell might get a run, but I still like Demarcus Felton. Remember too that the staff had to pull Da’Leon Ward back at some point in the spring for him to concentrate on grades (I think) so that may be another reason why Mitchell was added.


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