The Morning Stake: July 14th

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 Just terrific stuff from TTU Red. We’re so lucky to have him. Lots more shots if you click on “Totally Texas Tech”.

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 Here comes Batson.

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 LAJ’s Nicholas Talbot writes about how the Texas Tech defense must earn a little respect to defy the preseason expectations:

So while the media may not like Tech right now, a lot can change in a season. But, a lot has to happen for the Red Raiders to prove the prognosticators wrong.

And that starts with the defense.

If Tech loses five games where it scored 37 or more points, including two losses when scoring 55 or more, the predictions will be right. If that defense can’t crack the top 100 and Nic Shimonek doesn’t play as well as he did in his limited time last season (or he gets injured), the media’s vote will be spot on.

 LAJ’s Don Williams has a snapshot on wide receiver Derrick Willies and receivers coach Emmettt Jones says that Willies has a better understanding of things:

“Right now, he has an understanding of, ‘Play very fast. The offense can change every week. There’s going to be something different, so you have to be able to comprehend stuff pretty quick.’ He has a better feel for the overall program.”

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