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The Morning Stake: August 8th

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 I didn’t know the #DanceForDiabetes was a thing, but it apparently is and big Mych Thomas gets down.

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 You may not remember Luke Gonsioroski, but he was a quarterback from Montana who battled cancer as a junior and was to be a preferred walk-on at Texas Tech this year, passed away on Monday from that cancer. Think a good thought for Luke and his family.

 A-J Media’s Don Williams talked with Texas Tech athletic director Kirby Hocutt about the next step in the evolution of Jones AT&T Stadium, which is the south endzone. Hocutt said that very few decisions have been made but Hocutt said that they simply have a lot of options, some of that is raising money to help pay for whatever renovations are made:

“The idea process remains fluid,” Hocutt said last week. “We have come to gain a better understanding of just the design challenge that exists with it being such a vertical design, which limits some of the ideas that we had, so we continue to think through that.”

Among the few decisions that have been made: What’s housed in the Football Training Facility will remain in the Football Training Facility, with that 14-year-old building possibly getting a modification or modest expansion at some point. At one time, relocating football operations and coaches offices to the proposed Jones AT&T Stadium south end zone building was a consideration.

“This being such a vertical space just limits your natural light, limits your horizontal movement within a building,” Hocutt said, “so right now my thought process has continued to shift as to how do we continue to modify and expand the FTF to meet the future needs of our football program and at the same time, what then becomes the space needs and allocation for the south end zone to be able to complete the full renovation of Jones AT&T Stadium.”

There’s a lot discussed there, more than I can really summarize, but there’s also a mention of an athletic dining hall that will at some point be between the Frazier alumni Pavilion and Dan Law Field.

 A-J Media’s Don Williams has a notebook where he says that there is the possibility that Tony Morales could ask for an 8th year of eligibility, which I don’t understand at all. Also, Williams discus some of the back-up receivers and what they did at the scrimmage:

Xavier Martin caught five passes for 39 yards, including ones for 19 and 10 yards. De’Quan Bowman caught three for 41 yards, including ones of 16 and 17. And T.J. Vasher caught two passes for 26 yards — one for 15, the other for 11.

 Miscellaneous . . . CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd has coaches talking anonymously about cheating and the coaches say that 80% of teams in the SEC cheat and you could just change that to 100% of teams in the NCAA . . . USA Today is predicting the records of each team and conference and predicts that Texas Tech will be 5-7 this year, with OU and OSU going 10-2 and TCU and K-State going 9-3 . . . this is going to be pretty cool at some point, someone on Reddit made a site that tells you how you can watch your favorite team, which is great for folks who are looking to cut the cord. Texas Tech’s schedule really isn’t filled out in terms of where the games will be broadcast, but still a neat idea . . . via KansasCityStar’s Josh Tolentino, Patrick Mahomes is third on the Chief’s depth chart, but Mahomes continues to take it all in and his head coach Andy Reid says that he’s impressed with Mahomes’ maturity. Mahomes will get his first action on Friday night against San Francisco . . .


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