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The Morning Stake: August 17th

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Texas Tech Volleyball

 VolleyMob previewed the Big 12 and picked Texas Tech to finish last. I just can’t imagine trying to revive a program that’s on the absolute bottom.

Texas Tech Soccer

Texas Tech Football

 Football Scoop read the book that was written by ESPN’s Mark Schlabach and Paula Lavigne and holy shit:

Further lawsuits have uncovered a pattern of Baylor officials working to help players skirt disciplinary processes, both internally and externally. There was one text that showed Briles hoping to keep an underage drinking arrest of a freshman defensive tackle away from Baylor’s judicial affairs office. Or a 2013 case where Briles and an unnamed assistant huddle to keep a case of a player brandishing a gun at a female student away from judicial affairs. Or the time a player was facing suspension for multiple drug offenses when a staffer texted Briles that “if (Baylor’s VP of student life) does not reinstate President (Starr) will.”

Another text from Briles to an assistant, this time involving a player caught selling drugs: “I’m hoping it will take care of itself– if not we can discuss the best way to move on it.” Judicial affairs was never notified. Said an unnamed assistant of the player: “Him just hanging around Waco scares me.”

This doesn’t even deal with the rape allegations, which are there as well, but just the way that Briles ran the program. Briles is as dirty as the day is long. I think I’d be done blogging, at least about football, if Briles was ever hired. He can go straight to . . .

 Miscellaneous . . . Heartland College Sports’ Pete Mundo ranks the week 1 match-ups . . . we discussed the Deadspin piece on SB Nation and Deadspin posted some emails they received some writers for SB Nation as well as some internal memos and those were all really accurate in terms of culture . . . The Franchise’s John Hoover (who previously wrote for the Tulsa World) previews Texas Tech . . .


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